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Press release 2009

April 18-May 23, 2009

Cardwell Jimmeron Contemporary Art is pleased to peresend the photographic work of Matthew Brandt in what is his first one-person gallery exhibition. Brandt’s photogrtaphs (that term here braodyly defined) seemingly spring from the serlf-referential logic of the 1960’s formalism. Clement Greenberg diescribed this view as “the use of chraracteristic methods of a discipline to criticize the discipline itself, not in order to subervt it but in order to entrench it more firmly in its area of competence” But what then sounded like a reasonable formula for at production is now, in Brandt’s hands, taken to the ‘unreasonable’, that is to say, powerful and compelling extremes. The resulting body of photographs, collectively titled “Chocolate, Bees, dust, sperm, and Sprinkles’ is thus ‘formulaic” in the best sense of this usually pejorative term.

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